Posh Coloring Book: Paisleys!!

Paisley 130 72 dpi If you follow me on Instagram, you know of my paisley obsession! And, I've been working all summer on a dream project - a PAISLEY COLORING BOOK! For my wonderful publisher, Andrews McMeel Publishing, who published a book of my cartoons, "The Older I Get, The Less I Care." Since I was a kid, I've drawn paisleys for fun - and now I get to do them for you to color! The book is POSH COLORING BOOK: Paisleys for Fun & Relaxation, by Teresa Roberts Logan (that's me), and you can pre-order it now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, OR, get your local bookstore to order them! Order several, and plan a coloring party! I like coloring with Faber-Castell brush markers; they don't bleed through, and they come in an amazing array of beautiful colors! Aaaaaand here's the link to order my coloring book: http://www.amazon.com/Posh-Adult-Coloring-Book-Relaxation/dp/1449474209/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1440850326&sr=8-1&keywords=posh+coloring+paisley

Coloring Book Full Design Cover 72 dpi

Too Old to Care . . .

too old to care Hi again! I've been crazy busy. And I'm thankful for that! But I've been sadly neglectful of you, my blog followers, and for that I apologize. I'm going to try to make up for it by posting several cartoony thingies in the next coupla days - so hey, watch this space!! And feel free to comment, of course.

What's been happening: I worked on  a buncha illustrations for another animation for one client, and while I was doing my illoz for the next Magic Bullet, I got the dream assignment of doing a PAISLEY COLORING BOOK!! Yes. So, soon (like within a coupla months) you can pre-order my coloring book, all designed by me me me, hand-drawn paisleys! My beloved (seriously, my dream publisher) Andrews McMeel is making my paisleys a feature in their Posh Coloring Books series. Mine is called Posh Coloring Book: Paisleys for Fun & Relaxation, by Teresa Roberts Logan. I've started another site, Coloring With T, at www.ColoringWithT.wordpress.com which you might want to follow, and I started a Coloring With T Facebook page. Seriously. Dream project with Dream Publisher. I love my publisher so much - when I worked at Hallmark in Kansas City, and would see Andrews McMeel down the street there, and they are publishing Calvin and Hobbes, and The Far Side, and all my favorite stuff - I thought, hey wouldn't THAT be amazing? Years later I've done a book of my cartoons with them, and NOW A COLORING BOOK!!! I'm beyond jazzed.

BUT, following me on Twitter and Instagram is the BEST way to keep up with all of it, and my PINTEREST page of course - because when I get super-busy I still seem to find time to Tweet and post pix! You should follow this blog, hey, because the feeds show up at the side here, too, on the home page (click on LAUGHING REDHEAD STUDIO above, and it will take you there).

BTW, I'm still storytelling - sort of an outgrowth (but not nearly so gross as it sounds) of my standup comedy and one-person shows - and you know the last few years I've been doing this at Gotham Comedy Club and The Metropolitan Room in NYC? Well, next Tuesday I'm telling quite a story - at the Charismatic Leader" show for Speakeasy DC - it's at Town Danceboutique. I'll tweet links again, but here ya go http://speakeasydc.com/events/item/the-charismatic-leader1- :)

See how important that Twitter feed can be? Day-yum.

peace, y'all,



I obsessively design, draw, and doodle paisleys, when I'm not cartooning, and I have for years. I have a fantasy about going to the PAISLEY MUSEUM in Scotland and just spending ridiculous amounts of time staring at paisleys (or IS IT ridiculous? I should make a plan!) This is a piece I'm working on currently - with a new Holbein gouache set I got at New York ComicCon (from Vermont Art Supply/HOLBEIN booth, on the main floor! It's always a great one.) The colors are SO deep and rich! AND the HOLBEIN gouache is smoooooooth. In a word: JUICY. I carry travel paints with me most of the time - a very minimal set, usually black and white plus one other color, usually red (this time blue). This travel set is an AVEDA eyeshadow compact I'm upcycling - it has a magnetic strip in the bottom, and these are beer bottle caps with gouache in them. I've added a tiny travel brush which fits in the case when it's closed. The silver pill bottle can carry a tiny amount of water, which is all I need when working with a limited palette (and it's easily changeable with a water bottle on hand, which I usually have anyway!)You could easily do this with any old compact, which has a metal bottom, by adding magnets to your beer, wine, or soda bottle caps.

This system also easily works with old ALTOIDS and MYNTZ and FISHERMAN'S FRIEND tins, as well :) If you follow me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM, you've seen my concert drawings - this is a great system for that, too, easily takeable in a small bag. This past Wednesday I went to hear Daniel Lanois at The Hamilton DC and got some fun drawings from that - I always give them to the artists after. It's great figure drawing practice to draw musicians on stage (fun, too!)

In other news, please check out my MUSE CRUISE 2015 FACEBOOK page - we have a great group going so far, but plenty of room for more! I'm teaching Art Journaling, and the amazing writer Vicki Kuyper is teaching the writing (she's authored well over 50 books - for many publishers!) Art journaling, writing, and photography on the Caribbean. Some of my favorite things in the world, combined! You are welcome to sign up, details on our FACEBOOK page, and feel free to PM me with any questions!

In FURTHER other news, I've become obsessed (yes, I've overused that word today) with podcasts, particularly those from Nerdist Chris Hardwick (you might know him as the host of Talking Dead, the WALKING DEAD aftershow?) - they are frickin' hilarious, and great to listen to while I work. Yesterday, though, I had to lift my brush from my work because I was cackling too hard to keep it steady. So, it can be risky . . .

Have a great weekend, y'all. peace, trl



Psych Book Drawings, Day Four

Thought note: I doodle paisleys all the time, and this one I did on the psych book page - this would make good jeggings :-) Tech note: Copic Sketch pen, Faber-Castell brush pen, and EBONY pencil by Sanford Design (very black graphite - blacker blacks than the usual #2 pencils) . . . love these pencils, and have for eons. I even bought a pencil extender to get every last drop of graphite out of these . . . this pencil is about an 2 inches long now, haha!

A School of Paisleys

I love swimming. And not just because of the weightlessness! I think nothing puts you in your place in the world like looking out at the ocean. Or being in the middle of it - I love coastlines, but I also love that feeling of being on a ship and looking out to see sea horizon in every direction. It defines awesome for me. I love swimming in the ocean and in lakes, not so much in pools, but they will do, in a chemically-enhanced, pre-fab sorta pinch. Anyway, today's art journal post is a thought I had about the amazing ocean - who knows what's out there?