Too Old to Care . . .

too old to care Hi again! I've been crazy busy. And I'm thankful for that! But I've been sadly neglectful of you, my blog followers, and for that I apologize. I'm going to try to make up for it by posting several cartoony thingies in the next coupla days - so hey, watch this space!! And feel free to comment, of course.

What's been happening: I worked on  a buncha illustrations for another animation for one client, and while I was doing my illoz for the next Magic Bullet, I got the dream assignment of doing a PAISLEY COLORING BOOK!! Yes. So, soon (like within a coupla months) you can pre-order my coloring book, all designed by me me me, hand-drawn paisleys! My beloved (seriously, my dream publisher) Andrews McMeel is making my paisleys a feature in their Posh Coloring Books series. Mine is called Posh Coloring Book: Paisleys for Fun & Relaxation, by Teresa Roberts Logan. I've started another site, Coloring With T, at which you might want to follow, and I started a Coloring With T Facebook page. Seriously. Dream project with Dream Publisher. I love my publisher so much - when I worked at Hallmark in Kansas City, and would see Andrews McMeel down the street there, and they are publishing Calvin and Hobbes, and The Far Side, and all my favorite stuff - I thought, hey wouldn't THAT be amazing? Years later I've done a book of my cartoons with them, and NOW A COLORING BOOK!!! I'm beyond jazzed.

BUT, following me on Twitter and Instagram is the BEST way to keep up with all of it, and my PINTEREST page of course - because when I get super-busy I still seem to find time to Tweet and post pix! You should follow this blog, hey, because the feeds show up at the side here, too, on the home page (click on LAUGHING REDHEAD STUDIO above, and it will take you there).

BTW, I'm still storytelling - sort of an outgrowth (but not nearly so gross as it sounds) of my standup comedy and one-person shows - and you know the last few years I've been doing this at Gotham Comedy Club and The Metropolitan Room in NYC? Well, next Tuesday I'm telling quite a story - at the Charismatic Leader" show for Speakeasy DC - it's at Town Danceboutique. I'll tweet links again, but here ya go :)

See how important that Twitter feed can be? Day-yum.

peace, y'all,


My Web Comic, "FOG OF WORRY," launches today!!

Here's the thing. I've been cartooning for eons. And posting here for years. But, now I'm gonna give it a name. FOG OF WORRY. There. And so I "launch" FOG OF WORRY. Even though I started this years ago, but you know, I needed to announce the name. And, a coupla years ago or so I did the first FOG OF WORRY cartoon (okay, maybe longer ago than that, but who's counting?) And, I like that name. Like I like coming up with fake band names. But, more on that later. It will show up in FOG OF WORRY fo sho. Being a professional smarty-pants is not all it's cracked up to be. KIDDING. I LOVE IT!!! I have made my living with humor for 20+ years (I'd be more specific, but you don't really wanna do math, now, do you?) Basically, I get paid to "smart off," as we Southerners like to call it. Anyway, it's about dang time I launched my web comic, now, isn't it?

What IS a web comic, you may ask? Well, it's basically, at its most simple, a cartoonist uploading  their cartoons, so you can read and laugh and follow along, and of course, buy their coolio cartoon books and sich! I have about 40 cartoons ready to send to my publisher for pitch, and to a syndicate for pitch (and kabillions more on greeting cards, napkins, tissues (Yay-iss! People blow their noses on my artwork! The GLO-RY of being a professional artiste!!!  . . . meanwhile, YOU, my dear "followers," (and really, I don't mean it to sound quite so Messianic), get to see these cartoons here, on my Laughing Redhead Blog. So, I'd love it if you read, enjoy, comment, ask questions, Follow, Tweet, and other fun cyber-activities . . . but, mostly, I really really really hope you laugh. Okay, so buying my books is up there with that. 'Cuz, a girl's gotta make latté money. Speaking of which, my book of cartoons, "The Older I Get, The Less I Care," will soon be appearing on the shelves of that amazing DC institution/bookstore, Politics and Prose! You can, of course, buy it online. Go ahead and order multiples. You know you'll be baaaa-aaaack.

Anyhoo. (Ugh, typed out that is such a bad choice . . . ) Here's the cartoon I did, which gave me the name for my web comic . . . and now we launch . . . FOG OF WORRY. Enjoy.