Fruity Rappinghood

Named after my favorite TomTomClub song, Wordy Rappinghood, This piece was started when I just began throwing  a lot of fruit and veggie pics into a folder. This is a great idea starter - to just start gathering photos you like, or color you like - or similar objects, words, together in a folder or page protector - and keep it for later. I was visiting my folks in Florida when I put the visual part of this page together. I loved the fruity colors ("the fruity rumba!!" like Strictly Ballroom sez!!) I started gluing images of fruit down, and then decided I wanted an Adam and Eve with a flap over them, then to add other flaps as well. I still wasn't sure of the theme. I came back to this visual two weeks later, and started brainstorming, fruit of the womb, fruity rumba, fruit basket, forbidden fruit, low-hanging fruit - and just kept that note on my art table. I want you to know these are not all instant for me - some of them, I just create a visual and come back to it now and then. Tonight I came up with what I wanted to do with these - to connect a fruit quote to other quotes and sayings.

Sort of an acrostic of sorts. Sorta.

So, here we have "Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where all the fruit is," (Shirley MacLaine), and when you lift the top large flap it uses the "Don't be a," to lead to "stranger," (under the berry flap) which leads to "stranger than fiction," and then a quote from G.K. Chesterton, "Fiction is a necessity," which scrolls into "necessity is the mother of invention."  When you lift the flap to Adam and Eve, he's saying, "SHE DID IT." :-)

Clear as mud? Here are three pix - maybe I need to upload a diagram? A video? You let me know!