Today's FOG OF WORRY cartoon space is my calla lily angel, posted for Sandy Hook and all those grieving families and friends. Thoughts and prayers out to Sandy Hook, in honor of your dear children, and in recognition that we cannot imagine your pain. Our hearts and minds are torn for you . . . we think of you and we pray for you. callalilyangel

Faith. Or not?

Yesterday's art journal pages - done with Faber-Castell pens and brush pens in an 8x5 Moleskine journal - my thoughts about the weirdness of trying to be a know-it-all, or trying to purport being sure of everything . . . about faith. Kinda messes with the very definition, no?

Great Wave at Paisley-gawa

Today's art journal post (with apologies to Hokusai!):

Thought note: Today's art journal post is an homage (a modest one, of course!!!) to Katsushika Hokusai's "Great Wave at Kanagawa," which is a gorgeous piece of artwork, which I never, ever get tired of staring at. I dunno if it's because it's such a technically amazing work of woodblock cutting and printing, or because I love the ocean so much, or because there's a picture of it on a ruler I got at The Metropolitan Museum of Art many years ago . . . but I love it. I doodle paisleys sort of obsessively . . . and am working on some acrylic works incorporating designs such as these. Will post when finished with those . . . I plan to start showing them publicly by early fall.

Tech note: Faber-Castell Superfine pen + a Faber-Castell grey brush pen (#272) . . . in my Moleskine notebook (thick pages, 5.5x8.5 each page); if you want to buy the thicker pages and they don't have a sample open at the store, just look at the page count. The ones with a lower page count (which are the same thickness) are the ones with thicker pages. These take watercolor and acrylic and gel medium, and Mod Podge, and collage, and almost everything else I've thrown at them.

Happy Art-making,