Two things today: Autumn, and Fear of Birds.

Fall is in the air, and I love it!! Not just because I'm an October baby. While we are waiting to see where this next hurricane lands (what a dang long hurricane season!), it's so great to feel that cool chill edge in the air! I keep a file I call "Earthy," and in that file I keep nature colors and cutouts of trees, leaves, etc. I keep a sketchbook where I press leaves from my walks in Colorado and Virginia - so some of these go back years. I incorporated a lot of my aspen leaves from Denver into two large pieces I did for my church here in Toano.

Okay, now to birds. They creep me out. Much in the same way clowns do. Man, if there was a clown with bird wings, that would be - brrrrrrr. Anyway, I'll have to make art about that, just to purge that visual from my punkin' haid.

The bird piece here is from those little cardboard coffee cup thingies you get from Starbucks, which I taped together with clear mailing tape; I added grommets and used jewelry wires to secure it in the wirebound sketchbook I use as my current (large) art journal. Raphael's famous angel, and a REAL warning sign about birds help out the idea . . . yes, Hitchcock has had a big influence on my psyche . . . doh!! The mottled background here was from painting on bubble wrap, and using a brayer to rub down the pattern. I did this one layer at a time.

Happy Sunday, Y'all!

peace, trl