Psych Book Drawings, Day Two

Thought note: I love drawing eyeball flowers - I used these for my friend Nicole's CD design a coupla years ago. I doodle them mucho :-) The first drawing here is my Psych Book series, Day Two - the second is the cover to Nicole's CD (btw, she is one awesome singer/songwriter . . . check her out!) Tech note: Copic Sketch pens, Faber-Castell pens (I use mostly "S" and "F" - Superfine and Fine) and brush pens (the ones marked "B"). Copic Sketch pens are blendable, and double-ended, one brush end, one is more of a calligraphy marker. Just a (great) note on the Faber-Castell Brush pens - you can actually PULL OUT the tip once it's worn out, and reverse it to use the OTHER END! So, it's sorta two pens in one as well. Happy happy joy joy