Mighty Mighty Maya

Today's (first) art journal post:

Thought note: I love this photo of Maya Angelou (couldn't find the photographer credit, though) . . . her awesome hair. When I was growing up I always wanted hair I could corn-row . . . but I have flat straight hair. So, every time I see corn rows or dreads I think about that . . . and how we tend to want what we don't (or can't) have. Anyway, love Maya, love her work. Love her hair, too. Glorious.

Tech note: This is a small Moleskine journal, the one I take with me everywhere. I used gluesticks, cutouts, and Faber-Castell brush pens - this blue I used on the Maya page is my new favorite pen color - Indanthrene Blue #247. I LOVE THIS COLOR. (Is "Indanthrene" fancy for Indigo?) I just got some new colors at Utrecht when I did my Artist Trading Cards workshop there last Sunday. Yumminess.