Revival Meeting?

I like juxtaposition. Here's a photo of an old-timey revival meeting (very UNlike the ones I attended growing up in Tennessee!) - and a photo ad from a 1960s mag - advertising what they thought air travel should be like. LOL!! If they made her pack her toiletries in a quart bag, take her hat, sweater, belt, and shoes off, and inspected her laptop and her Aveda foot cream it would be more accurate. But, that snifter of brandy looks quite pleasant. I know a pic is worth a thousand words - but I just had a lot more fun at church than these ladies are . . . and this pic seems to be the antithesis of anything being "revived!" People of faith, hello . . . what ARE we up to? Anyway . . . compare and contrast. peace, trl


I love Sharpies. Not to be confused with Shar Peis, those chunky wrinkly dogs, two words (and states of being) I try to avoid, but that's another blog altogether! This is to encourage you that you don't have to have a kabillion dollars in art supplies to make art.

Anyway, I love to draw, soooooo much, that it actually interferes with everything else!

I love to draw tiny little lines, and millions of little marks, funky lettering, and paisleys of all sorts. Funky paisleys, loose paisleys, paisleys which have little skulls grinning in them, paisleys your grandma would love to have on her Xmas table :-). I like them all. I can stare at them for hours, and I can draw them for hours. Soooooo, it just occurred to me recently that this might be kinda an obsession. I did my Dansko clogs, I'm working on other shoes as we speak, I just drew on a stool, and next I'm doing my studio rocking chair!

I'm doing all these things with Sharpie markers - they go on everything, and on most surfaces you can seal them with gel medium after to seal it in . . . anyway, short post today, as I'm cleaning up from Xmas - YES THE TREE'S STILL UP!!!  Don't judge me!

So, here are a few pix of projects I've done with Sharpies. More to come, I'm digging through digital files and making more art as we speak!!

peace, love, and other things hippies say,