Hi, Y'all, This week is New York Comic Con, and since I plan to travel light (she said naively), I will be tweeting photos from the Con, instead of posting cartoons here. So, you'll see photos of cartoons and art I'm doing and showing there as well as the always-awesome cosplay folks and hopefully photos of The Walking Dead cast, as I totally plan to stalk them.

I will be in the Small Press section, booth #1162 - we are sharing, and are listed as "Curls Studio/Laughing Redhead Studio."

So, please read the Twitter feed here - or better yet, follow me there!

My Tweeterer handle is @LaughingRedhead.

My Pinterest is LaughingRedhead. My Etsy is LaughingRedhead. My website is LaughingRedhead.

You get it by now :)

More to come!


peace, trl