Every night I go to bed under a pile of quilts my grandmothers made. They are varying in style and intricacy and color and technique. And I believe they are the first art which ever inspired me. My grandmothers were always piecing a quilt, finishing a quilt, collecting and cutting fabrics. When they weren't cooking awesome food, I should say. My Dad's mom had a quilting frame hoisted up above the family room, permanently tied there, and usually there was a quilt in it in a varying state of finish. My Granny Jean was always collecting and organizing fabrics and making things for me. Art aprons, nightgowns, quilts. My mom is an amazing seamstress. One year, she made an entire wardrobe for my Barbie dolls (though, as I recall, I had Stacey, not Barbie. And I liked her mucho, as she had red hair. I never thought Ken was good enough for her.) Today I'm going to cartoon as usual - but I've spent the morning being a domocidal maniac. Cleaning and washing and such - and I'm also going to repair a quilt. Our quilt collection gets a lot of usage, and I confess I'm intimidated. I don't have nearly my mom's or my grandmoms' amazing abilities with a needle and thread - but I'm fortunate to have these works of art and comfort in my life.

BTW, my mom is an excellent painter, too, in addition to being able to sew just about anything . . . and she always encouraged me in my artwork.

I'm thankful for all kinds of art - and all kinds of creativity . . . and today I'm particularly inspired by my Mom, Granny Jean, and Grandmomma . . . love to y'all. To Mom in Florida, and to my Grandmothers in heaven. I like to think that in heaven you don't have to work, but I sure would like more quilts and some of their biscuits and fried chicken right about now . . .

Ha! And, BACK TO FOOD :-)



(will add quilt photo later - see my Twitter account (@LaughingRedhead) for today's pic. Uploading is muy dificil today for some reason!)