Tough Row to Hoe

Comedy is a tough row to hoe. Now, I don't have actual experience rowing or picking cotton, but my parents grew up picking cotton in Mississippi. I remember countless times driving to see my grandfolks, and seeing miles and miles of cotton fields on the way. I thought they were beautiful, and I pretended they were snow, because we didn't get much of that. But, I've never had to pick cotton. The only bolls I ever picked, were ones my parents let me pick so I could see what it felt like - sorta.

So, this tiny little description of picking cotton is just from what my mom and dad have told me about it.

It's tough to hoe, and tough to pick. It tears up your fingers, because of the thorny husk on the outside of that fluffy tuft of fiber.

It's beautiful, but it tears your fingers apart to get to it.

Cotton picking is grueling, to say the least. (My mom refused to see the movie, "Places In The Heart," because, as she said, "Why would I want to see that? I lived it! I'm not going to see a movie about picking cotton." )

Comedy isn't pretty. It's definitely tougher for some than others.

But, in the end, it's showbiz.

It's never going to be "fair."

It will probably be very, very, deeply painful. And then, more awesome than you ever imagined. And then really painful again.

Are you IN, or are you OUT?

Comedy is tough for ALL of us . . . but it's very worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

Encouraging us all to hang in there, y'all.

Let's enjoy the loud laughs, roll with the gut punches of the tougher times, and celebrate the fact that we get to do what we love to do.

peace, trl