Elvis and My Ticket Stub "Collection"

January 8th was the anniversary of Elvis's birthday, and being a Memphis-born-and-raised femme, I wanted to do a shout-out to The King.

When you grow up in Memphis, Elvis is so ever-present in thought, that you sorta take him for granted. Until you grow up. Or, until you see him in concert!

Soooooo . . . I wanted to share with you a list I made a while back of the ticket stubs I have saved over the years. I haven't saved them all, but here's what I do have in my loose collection, and I'm proudest of the Elvis ticket stub :-)

26 Random Ticket Stubs I Still Have . . .

1. ELVIS - June 10, 1975, Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis (It was $10)!
I'm glad I still have this. Somehow it almost makes up for that Beatles lunchbox I had when I was a kid. I painted over it with my own artwork. Without my artistic input it would now be worth $2,800. The ticket, no idea. It's not for sale.

2. "Oliver" - MUS Theatre Department, March 3, 1976

3. U.S. Senate Chamber and U.S. House of Representatives, March 30, 1974 (8th grade trip!)

4. "Dancing at Lughnasa" - Denver Center Theatre Company June 2, 1994

5. JERRY SEINFELD - Temple Buell Theatre, Denver, June 5, 1992

6. INXS - Memorial Hall, Kansas City, August 23, 1986

7. WRIGLEY FIELD - Cubs v. Expos, courtesy Michael Floorwax, with Reno Goodale, so we could hear Harry Carey, September 11, 1987

8. "Napoleon" (Wonders Series) - Cook Convention Center, Memphis, August 16, 1993

9. STEVE ALLEN, Fang Lizhi, John McManus (11th Hour Series), Denver Center, October 22, 1994

10. "M. Butterfly", Denver Auditorium Theatre, Sept. 21, 1991

11. SAM KINISON, Bally's Casino Resort, Comp because I was working there, April 20, 1991

12. "Dracula", Denver Civic Theatre, October 28, 2000

13. THE RAINMAKERS, Uptown Theatre, Kansas City, Dec. 31, 1986

14. STING, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado, Aug. 18, 1991

15. BETTY FRIEDAN & JERRY FALWELL, 11th Hour Series, Denver Center, Feb. 21, 1992

16. MATCHBOX TWENTY & ALANIS MORRISETTE, The Scope, Norfolk, VA, Feb. 10, 2008

17. PAULA POUNDSTONE, Legacy Foundation AIDS Benefit, Denver Center, June 26, 1991 (I Co-produced this one)

18. "Julius Caesar", Denver Center, Feb. 14, 1992 (Gary was in this one)

19. "Dracula", Colorado Ballet, Nov. 5, 2004

20. BLUE MAN GROUP, Constant Center, Norfolk, VA, Mar. 2, 2008

21. The Comedy Store, Original Room, No date on ticket, but Sam Kinison was there that night

22. Sarah McLachlan, Boulder Theatre, Sept. 26, 1994

23. CHONDA PIERCE, Hylton Chapel, Woodbridge, VA (I opened for her)

24. HBO COMEDY FESTIVAL, Aspen, Colorado, February 9-13, 2000

25. "Painting a New World", Denver Art Museum, April 6, 2004

26. U2 and MUSE, Scott Stadium, Charlottesville, VA, October 1, 2009

peace, y'all,