As Usual, I'm Not Answering the Phone

I've been thinking about getting my blog on - to  post more regularly -  to show you the work I'm working on. Pardon the dangled participle.

The last several years I've had one overarching goal each year. And it's been the same one. I changed my New Year's Resolution to the same thing, it's always SIMPLIFY. That in itself simplifies my life . . . I changed it from the yearly "lose weight." And, what happened? To simplify, and in the  interest of getting healthier, in late 2008 I decided one thing that I might do is to drop sugar from my diet. So I did. That year, and the following years, again, I didn't focus on losing weight. I just dropped sugar and decided to SIMPLIFY. And, I lost weight (32 pounds so far). Because I wasn't thinking about it all the time, probably!!

I haven't been blogging much, because I've been working on "works." Drawing a lot, shooting photos for scenes in my head, writing, making my "mini-bibles" for my characters . . . When I say that, I mean I'm working on finishing my two book pitches I have in progress. I've done tons of writing and drawing towards those, and plan to delight my publisher with those as soon as may be :-). And, I'm concentrating on my graphic novel and a play I've been working on. I'm good at holing up, and I'm finishing things by taking things off my plate. Like doing standup - I do it now and then, and I love it when I do it, but it is no longer, and hasn't been for years, really, the major pursuit of my life. That goes to cartooning and drawing and writing. Making "works."

My friends and family will tell you I'm terrible at returning (or even answering) phone calls. I'm an e-person.  When someone texts or e-mails me and says they want to talk, or sez CALL ME NOW but doesn't tell me why, I keep working (it's never an emergency). When I'm working, I hole up. And I don't try to do anything else but work on what I'm working on. Sorry for all the dangled participles. When I'm working in my studio, I really only answer the phone if it is my immediate family. Otherwise, I'd never finish even ONE work!

And lately, I rarely blog. I like blogging, but this has been a hole-up season. A "works" season. And, it's continuing. I'm not apologizing, just letting you know - those of you who are frustrated about my phone habits, especially! I'm in my happy place, drawing and writing.

I'm trying to get better about posting the blogs - and that will mean less Facebook time, for sure (yes, I love me some Facebook.)

My hubby and I laugh, because, despite what you might think, we are really introverts who put ourselves out there. All the time. He trains actors and I've been doing comedy for years. But, the last few years, I've found my true happy place. And that is in my studio, making art, writing, cartooning, drawing new characters and thinking silly things. And not answering the phone.

I'm not saying that staying in your comfort zone makes for the best work environment, I'm just saying, I love my work. And talking about working means I'm not working. (Like now.)

So, I'm gonna try to get better at posting, to communicate, but no worries if I go a bit without showing you what I'm doing. (I get antsy when I talk about doing, rather than actually doing.)

Feel free to e-mail me at - I do check my e-mail, and respond once a day or so.

Meanwhile, I'm cranking! And I will try to get better at posting, if not genius works, at the very least, some cool eye candy!

peace, love, and other things hippies say,