I heart the ocean . . . and other non-surprises :-)

If I could be any being, I would be a mermaid. With wings. You notice I don't say "mythical" being . . . One of my favorite things in life is swimming, and swimming in the ocean is a huge joy!!! My brother and my son had to keep me from jumping in with the dolphins when we were on the Gulf of Mexico last Sunday - we were out on a boat and I could barely resist - until they pointed out one of the humongous jellyfish also in the water. There were kabillions of little ones, too. And though we had my mom's jellyfish-sting treatment kit on board (rubbing alcohol and a razor to get the tentacle), I waited 'til we got to Shell Island to get in the water. Yep, being a mermaid would be totally fun.

I spent last week in Panama City Beach with my family, who live down there. I love it, and have since I was kid - when we would get down there once or twice a year, to visit other family, and when my church's youth group would always go there, each summer. Beautiful water, beautiful beaches, and, if you can avoid the sharks and jellyfish, awesome swimming!

Last week in Florida, I art-journaled almost non-stop (when I wasn't in or on the water)! So, I'm posting a few pages from last week, as well as this week's pages. :-) peace, trl

Click on the image to view a larger version :-)