I did two art journal pieces yesterday - one is based on going to our fav Chinese place here, Peking - and my collection of fortune cookie fortunes, which I like to use in collages (2D + 3D). The other is this one, a purple page with a little gift card set I repurposed - just redesigned the card inside and wrote some private stuff on it! Feeling very introspective last night - and thankful for the outlet of art journaling!! I love paint and paper and pen! I think it's essential for creative people to have these outlets - otherwise you just feel "off" and irritable, and generally blecchy . . . I don't like feeling like crap, so I make a lotta art :-) Today I'm working on finishing an 80's style concert poster for a local concert series - I'm really excited about that one - it's flashing me back to early MTV! Another journal to come later today. To work! I spent the morning with my son buying crickets to feed our newest family member, Petri, an adorable skink we adopted from a college-bound bud of Andrew's. Now back to the paints!Whispers and Envelopes