VISIONARY, for reelz!

It's been an amazing couple of weeks - from 5 trips to Richmond in as many days, to judging a comedy contest and performing comedy in Ohio, to making some new friends to hanging with creative geniuses in Baltimore . . . and going to the American Visionary Art Museum there. Seriously, y'all, this is a don't miss!!! Also, there is an amazing museum shop called "Sideshow," curated by a bud of Barbara's - it's amazing. I would pay for the train trip JUST to shop there!! I'm getting back asap!! Currently, there's a show there called "What Makes Us Smile," curated by the museum director, the awesome Gary Panter, and the hilarious Matt Groening!! It TOTALLY made me smile. Brilliant, beautiful, touching, hilarious. How many shows (art or otherwise), can you say THAT about?!! Enjoy the whoopie cushion bench, and the pizza box paintings, and the museum's astounding Pez dispenser collection - among many, many other wonderful, smiley-inducing thangs!!

I was also privileged to visit a Holocaust survivor in his home - he collects African Art (I luh-uh-uv African Art) - he had plenty of Yoruba art, and art from Cameroon - gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!! What an amazing person. Humbling to meet him. Awesome to hang with my cartoonist friend Barbara Dale, and my creative genius bud, and proprietor of QUIRKS OF ART, Jenn Raines.

Now things are settling down - no, wait, I'm getting ready to go to DC to pick up my son from a summer arts trip he's on - and getting in all the studio time I can, as I have several art projects on my table. Onward and upward!! This is a great summer so far - doing bills and business stuff (which I'm way behind on) next week - but I know that won't ruin my WHOLE summer . . . or WILL it?!

peace, y'all